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Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI)--Online Web Design is an excellent first book for newcomers to web design and for those who have a little knowledge of the topic but need more skills. Chapters compare good and bad web sites and what makes them so, point out ways to add interest to a web site, and even tackle the basics of content and marketing. From design basics to coding challenges, Online Web Design is filled with important advice. 

Eileen Judd (NBN, Maryland)--"I would like to tell you how impressed I was with the Click and Easy Series Online Web Design. It is truly one of the best and easiest books to understand on the subject of Web Design. I hope the book does well." 

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, Wisconsin)--"100 Top Internet Job Sites offers more than a simple listing of Internet job site resources, it shows the reader how to turn the Internet into a personalized career counselor, developing key job search skills along the way. Kristina Ackley shows how to prepare for success, demonstrate online netiquette, search and find "dream job" information, write effective resumes and cover letters, research potential employers, interview successfully, and negotiate salary and benefits." 

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Kristina and I met to review and rewrite my resume. She provided invaluable advice on: which resume tools to use, how to optimize my LinkedIn profile, rewriting my resume and even what networking events I should be attending in the area! If you need to get your job search or promotion application jumpstarted, there is no better person to talk to then Kristina. It shows clearly that she cares deeply about the success of her clients and will work above and beyond what is expected to help each succeed. I feel much more confident and excited about my job search now that I have worked with Webfooted Communications and will be recommending her endlessly to all of my colleagues and friends.   


Kristina is a strategic thinker with deep industry knowledge, excellent writing skills and most importantly, the ability to plan and execute large-scale projects. Additionally she is pleasant to work with and has the ability to motivate and inspire other leaders to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.


I first hired Kristina when I was a new author and had no clue what to do to get my first book over the finish line. Kristina gave me expert advice and unbelievable edits, that took the book to #3 in the Amazon management and HR categories. A year later, when I was ready to release my second book, I again hired Kristina to perform the final copy edit. That book went to #2 in the management and planning categories on Amazon. Because of her expert editing skills, my books have found a special place in history. I'd hire Kristina every day of the week!